Education Programs

  Through our longstanding partnership with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service the District is able to provide many educational opportunities. Some of the programs that we offer are:
  • Class room presentations– we can provide hands on, informative presentations on a variety of conservation topics including soils, water quality, and more.
  • On site presentations—we are able to work with farms and other resource conserving professionals to provide on site demonstrations for schools and other groups.
  • Lessons Plans and Activity Guides—There are many different lesson plans available for teachers to use in their classrooms. There are also many different activity guides that are excellent for groups like 4H or Scouts.


Envirothon is a competitive outdoor environmental event where teams from high schools across the state are tested on their knowledge of soils, wildlife, forestry, and aquatics, as well as a current issue topic that differs each year. Regionals are held in the spring with the top three teams advancing to the State Competition from there the top team is invited to compete at Nationals against 42 other states and 8 Canadian Provinces. Envirothon opens doors to scholarship opportunities for students and equipment funding opportunities for schools.

Why Provide Education Programs?

Throughout its history Maine is a state that has been dependant upon her natural resources, from the large areas of timberland and abundant fisheries to her quality farmland and beautiful inland waterways we have been students of their management and sustainability from the beginning. Perhaps today our natural resources are more important than ever as times change and new threats arise. Conservation education helps to distribute that knowledge so all may work to protect and sustain our natural resources. For more information on our education programs or if you are in need of technical assistance, please contact the District and we will do our best to serve you.


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