Bare-root 3'-6' trees at purchase. Plant two varieties for the best pollination. Maine Grown

Honeycrisp—Winter. Medium-large fruit. Ripens in September and last seven months. Very sweet and crispy. Blooms mid-late season. Good resistance to scab. * #127A- $27.50


Liberty—Late Summer-Fall. Medium sized bluish-pinkish-red fruit, crisp white flesh, good dessert quality. * #131B- $29.50


McIntosh—Fall. Known as the most important apple in the northeast - loves the cool. Delicious.* #133A- $27.50


Sweet 16—Early fall. Crisp and juicy with an exotic yellow flesh, and very sweet cherry candy flavor. * #146A- $27.50


Wealthy—Great for fresh eating, even better for cooking. * #150A- $27.50



Bare-root 3-6 trees at purchase. Plant two varieties for pollination. Maine Grown

Bosc—Fall. Crunchy yet tender flesh with a sweet-spicy, buttery flavor. * #169A- $27.50


Seckel—Late Summer. Small yellow-brown fruit, juicy, spicy and aromatic. * #178A- $27.50


Kosui—Lake Summer. Asian pear. Crisp, juicy and very sweet. Medium sized, early ripening fruit. #183A- $27.50


Pie Cherries

Bare-root 3' -6' trees at purchase. Self-pollinating. Maine Grown

Montmorency—Long lived, hardy and disease resistant. Fruit is very good for pies. High volume producer that also tends to sucker. * #197A- $27.50


Evans—Mid-Late Summer. Large crops of excellent fruit for jams, pies, and juice. Naturally dwarf tree. #195A- $27.50



Bare-root 3' -6' trees at purchase, second variety not needed for pollination.


Madison—Mid-Late. Medium fruit with bright orange skin and sweet rich flavor. Very Good quality. #202A- $27.50


Red Haven—Summer. Excellent for eating, freezing, and canning. Vigorous and highly productive. #204A- $27.50


Reliance—Summer. Considered the hardiest peach, large crops - those who grow it in Maine love it! #205A- $27.50



Bare-root 3½' -6' trees, self-pollinating, but 2 varieties improves pollination.


Big Blue—Summer. Large sweet blue fruit. Suitable for fresh eating and drying. * #223A- $27.50


Stanley—Late Summer. Firm, juicy, sweet flesh. Excellent for cooking, eating, canning and drying. #227A- $27.50


Lowbush Blueberries

Vaccinium angustifolium, grow to 6"x24", Bare-root well-rooted transplants. Maine Native, Maine Grown.

  Z2 - To many in Maine, the only true blueberry. Lustrous blue-green foliage in summer, bright colors in fall. Excellent for stabilizing soil on sandy banks. Supreme taste. #228A-6x6”sod $14.50

Highbush Blueberries

Bare-root 12"-30", 2-year-old plants, at least two varieties recommended for pollination.

Bluecrop—Early Midseason. Firm light blue berries of high dessert quality, resistant to cracking. * #229A- $13.50


Blueray—Mid. Considered the best tasting by growers. Vigorous and consistent producer. * #231A- $13.50


Earliblue—Moderately large medium-blue firm aromatic fruit with good dessert quality. * #233A- $13.50



Well-rooted, bare-root canes. Second variety not needed for pollination.

Latham—Mid. Large bright red 1” fruit is firm and sprigly sweet. Highly productive. #243A- 10/$26.50


Prelude—Early. Best berry for early-season fresh eating. Great taste, medium sized fruit. #244A- 10/$26.50



50 plants will plant from 50'-100', virus-free, bare-root stock.

Honeoye—Early Mid. Large bright red fruit, produced over long fruiting season. Firm with tart flavor. #L251A- 50/$16.50


Jewel—Mid-late. Large bright red glossy perfectly shaped fruit is firm, sweet and slightly aromatic. #L252A- 50/$16.50



Large rooted, 1 year crowns.


Jersey Supreme Asparagus—Large-rooted, 1 yr crowns. Early. Very productive with large-diameter tender spears. Delectable flavor. #L282A- 25/$22.00



#1 size crowns. Plant with a bushel of well-rotted manure and compost, and side dress with manure every spring.

Victoria Rhubarb—Summer. Heirloom variety with thick bright red tender citrusy stalks. * #L355A- $11.00



Well-rooted plants. They do well in a bed or in a naturalized setting. Plant with peat moss.

American Cranberry—Famous for delicious holiday sauces, breads, and jellies. Dense evergreen ground cover, reddish purple in fall. Large deep red fruit keeps well. Productive vigorous vines. * #L393A– Clump of 10/$24.00



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