Ornamental Shrubs

Sugar Maple—50-100’ tree. Valued for shade, syrup and lumber. * #266A- $17.50


Red Chokeberry—6-10’ x 3x5’ shrub. Dark Green foliage with glossy bright red fruit. * #279A- $13.50


Black Chokeberry—4-6’ x 3x5’ shrub. Upright vigorous shrub. Berries excellent for juice, jelly, or wildlife. * #281A- $13.50


Clethra Ruby Spice—4-5’ shrub. Red buds and beautiful spires of deep pink flowers. * #295A- $12.00


Pagoda Dogwood—20’ x 30-35’ shrub. Beautiful tiers of horizontal branches and fragrant white flower clusters. #296A- $15.50


Witch Hazel—20-30’ shrub. Interesting crooked branches with fragrant yellow flowers. #309A- $17.00


 “Winter Red” Winterberry—9x8’ shrub. Female with dark green foliage and bright red fruit. * #318A- $15.50


 “Southern Gentleman” Winterberry—6x6’ shrub. Male required for pollinating female winterberries. * #319A-$15.50


Bayberry—5-9’ shrub. Rounded shrub common to Maine’s costal islands. The glossy deep green leaves are very fragrant. * 341A- $16.00


Jack Pine—70’ tree. Very hardy, long spreading horizontal branches, curved cones. #345A- 5/$16.50


Beech Plum—6’ x 5-6’ shrub. Rounded dense suckering shrub. Purplish red fruit in late summer. * #349A- $15.50


American Arborvitae—20x60’ tree. Narrow and tall with orange-black bark, and flat foliage. #390A- 5/$16.50


Butterfly Weed—Vivid orange summer wildflower. Attractive to butterflies and bees. * #L522B- 3/$17.50


“Alert” Aster—Beautiful semi double blooms are purplish red with golden yellow eye. #L523B- 3/$15.00


“Wood’s Light Blue” Aster—Clusters of crisp light blue blossoms with golden orange eyes. #L524B- 3/$15.00


Lily of the Valley—Long stems of bell-shaped fragrant white flowers, followed by small orange berries. #L530B- 10/$8.25


“Early Sunrise” Coreopsis—Produces radiant semi-double golden yellow flowers with tangerine flush at the center. #531B- 3/$8.00


Christmas Fern—Fronds with ladder like parallel leathery dark green leaves. #L539B- 3/$11.50


Lady Fern—Graceful bright green fronds with a fine textured classic appearance. #L540B- 3/$11.50


Maidenhair Fern—Delicate whored from, glossy black stems curve up and then droop toward the ground. #L541B- 3/$11.50


Munstead Lavender—Sweet-scented lavender-blue flower spikes extend above aromatic silvery-green foliage. #L560B- 2/$12.75


“Black Out” Lily—Rich glossy burgundy-red with even darker spotting on the throat. #L562B- 6/$11.00


“Stargazer” Lily—Fragrant deep-rose blossoms with dark spots and narrow white edging. #L564B- 6/$10.50


“Sweet Rosy” Lily—Blooms are pink with crimson spotting at the center. #L565B- 3/$16.25


“Jacob Cline” Bee Balm—Huge red flowers. #L568B- 3/$14.50


“Paree Fru Fru” Peony—Fragrant spiral of lavender-pink petals surrounded by a burst of cream-colored petals. * #L572A- $19.25


“Summer Carnival” Peony—Unusual flared and fluted petals are soft pink, smothered in swirls of red raspberry. * #L573A- $18.75


“Laura” Phlox—Fragrant magenta-purple flowers with starry white spokes and dark eyes. #L578C- 3/$13.50


Red Trillium—Local woodland wildflower with maroon blossoms. Beautiful. #L585B- 3/$11.25


Purple Coneflower—Coppery yellow centers, surrounded by lavender purple petals.* #L593A- $7.75



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