Spring Trout Sale

The spring trout sale will have both brook and rainbow trout available.

Valid Stocking Permits from the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife must be obtained before you can pick up your fish. A copy of your approved stocking permit and your order must be submitted to our office by May 21, 2013.

To obtain a stocking permit application please contact our office, or visit our website. Any permitting questions must be directed to the IF&W at (207) 287-5261. Please allow IF&W two weeks to process your application. Please note that the IF&W will now be charging $10 for a five year permit. There is also a $5 fee for replacement copies.

It is extremely important that your fish are picked up at noon on May 23, 2013. The oxygen bags can only support the fish for a limited time, late the afternoon the fish may begin to suffocate. We want your fish to make it to their new home safely. 

Price List

Brook Trout Brook Trout - Availabe in 5-6 inch or 6-7 inch sizes
Rainbow Trout Rainbot Trout - Availbe in 5-6 inch to 6-7 inch sizes
  Oxygen Bag - Required
Oxygen Bag Sizes
By ordering trout from the Penobscot County SWCD you agree to our Trout Sale Pickup Policy. If you do not pickup your order by 1:00 p.m. on the dates listed above the District reserves the right to sell or relocate your order, unless arrangements have been made with the District. No refunds will be issued for damaged, deceased or relocated fish.  


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