Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stock small fish if there are big ones in my pond? If there "big ones" are rainbows, there will be no problem, since big rainbows feed primarily on insects and invertebrates. If there are other larger fish in your pond, especially brook trout, stock trout that are at least half the length of the larger fish.

Should I "adapt" the trout to my pond for a few hours in their oxygen bags? No. Adaptation requires several weeks and we schedule our delivery at the time of the year when the hatcher and farm pond conditions are similar. Simply remove the wire closure, and gently pour the trout into your pond.

Should I feed my fish? In ponds at least 6 months old, there will probably be plenty of natural food for your fish to eat, such as insect larva, snails, worms, etc... Supplemental feed is not necessary. Fish will grow faster with added feed, but overfeeding will cause decay on the bottom of your pond, and growth of plants and algae. These use the oxygen your fish need to survive.

How Long Will My Fish Live? Trout can live up to five or six years. However, warm water, abundant food, and the resulting fast growth usually shorten their life span to three or four years.

Will the trout span in my pond? The will probably try to span, but conditions must be just right. If the pond has an inlet, a shallow area lined with pea-sized gravel will help.


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